RQ - Weekend Edition

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RQ - Weekend Edition

Okay. Don't shoot me. Please. Wink


Have you started Christmas shopping?!?

If so - what have you purchased?

If not - is there already something in particular that you know you want to buy for someone? What is it and who is it for?

Do you know what you already want to get your LO('s)?


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GAHHHH! No I haven't started. I have my sister's name this year and I'm considering making her some stained glass ornaments for her home and tree, but wil likely run out of time and just buy her something. I'm looking for a good train set for DJ and have absolutely no idea what I'm getting Alicia. DH will probably get a new bbq, if I can find a good deal on one. Thanks for making me think about this in JULY!!!! Wink


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I have not started yet! I really would to get started earlier this year for sure.

I do know that we want to get Alison a playhouse for outside.

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I don't even want to think about it. Not because of the shopping but because we have lots of change coming at Christmas. The baby will be born right at Christmas so I am still trying to wrap my head around that. I've already told my family that I am not participating in gifts this year because we need to pay for this child, lol.

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I haven't even thought about it. I am not really an early shopper though. If I do Christmas shopping in October then I feel like I am doing a great job. Biggrin

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Christmas shopping?! Me?! Ha ha. Yeah, right. ROFL

There are a few things I'm thinking about getting Aiden, but not sure which I'll do for his birthday and which for Christmas. One thing is a baby doll. DH tried fighting me on this one, but I think it's important for every young child to have at least one doll. Part of me is seriously considering celebrating his half birthday next year so that gifts are spread out a bit more. lol.

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I'm part of a co-op group that does big wholesale buys (50% off!). We do one with Plan Toys in August every year, so I'll be getting things for Daphne and the new baby then. I plan on getting Daphne this:

There are tons of cute accessories too, like a vegetable garden, playground and baby set. We're also going to get her a wagon.

I'm not sure about DH or anyone else yet.

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Wow....I have not even thought about this, let alone do xmas shopping LOL!!

I know I want to sign Evie up for music, dance, art and sport classes (not all at once LOL) so I think the xmas gifts will tend that way. Maybe puzzles too. For sure books.

Honestly, can't really think much about it at this time, b/c Evie will be close to 3 yo, and who knows what she will be into by then!!

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No way! Haven't thought about Christmas and won't start thinking about it until November, after Jackson's birthday Smile

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I did buy our niece (2.5 years old) 2 pairs of footed pj's from Carter's. Only because I bought a ton for Miles for this coming Winter when they were clearanced down to $3/each! Can't beat that!

I also have a pair of Cars Rollerskates for Miles that I found at Target for like $4.00. The kind you put over your shoes, and it came with knee and elbow pads. I thought he'd like cruising around the house with those...

I have started picking up a couple stocking stuffers too. So far I've got bubbles, Dora alphabet flashcards, and Cars tattoos.

The only reason I've started early is because I need to be done early! With being due the first week of December, I don't want to be doing shopping that close to my due date...or with 2 kids in tow when it's freezing, crowds, roads are bad, etc.! Plus I like to spread the costs out, and catch things when they're on clearance. I've got a list of everybody we buy for, so just jot what I've boughten so far as the year goes on.

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"kris10gal" wrote:

No way! Haven't thought about Christmas and won't start thinking about it until November, after Jackson's birthday Smile

Ditto!! Although, I do have one gift already for my Aunt, but it's a regift. I have a large picture that is NMS and planned on giving to Goodwill, but my Dad said my aunt would love it and suggested it as a Christmas gift. thanks, Dad! Smile

I'm thinking instead of toys this year I'll get the kids different lessons and memberships to zoos/childrens museums etc. They really don't seem to play that much with toys and perfer activities instead.