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RQ - Weekend Edition

If you were to have a bad shopping experiece what would you do? Would you talk to the retailer or would you just cross them off your list of places to shop?

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Depends on why it was a bad shopping experience. If it was due to an employee, I'd complain. If it's due to the company themselves making me mad, I'd cross them off the list of places to shop. If I have enough issues with employees at a place of business, then I'll cross them off. Walmart was on that list. But then I moved here and there are no other options than Walmart. Ugh!

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It would totally depend on the situation. If the employees are rude, I would probably stop going to that store.

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If its REALLY bad then I wouldn't go back. If it was a bad employee I would email the manager or owner. I actually have a draft started now to a company about a crappy employee. If I was a business owner I would definitely want to know what was going on.

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It depends. I've boycotted businesses for years that did something that I thought was unethical or poor business practice. I also used to boycott Walmart, but then Zellers was bought by an American company and shopping Canadian wasn't really an option anymore. I don't do business with certain banks and credit companies due to problems in the past. If its an employee problem, I talk to the manager. If its a store problem I talk to the company ( I always call the president or CEO, it works). If its a chain problem, I boycott.


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I generally I talk to the manager. The only place I've had a really bad experience was Joannes fabric store. There is an employee there who is obsessed with my kids. The first time it happened, I was wearing Ava (who was porbably 4 months old) and this woman followed us around the store. She was not even acknowledging me, babytalking to Ava and trying to touch her (despite Ava being strapped to my chest). At first I thought she just meant well but she harrassed us through the store. It was awful. It coninuted to happen everytime I was in the store and I had to keep telling her do not touch my baby. She would just say, "Oh! I can't help it! I just love babies!" She was a serious creeper!

She finally pushed me over the edge when I was shopping with DH and the kids. Andrew was just off his house arrest after RSV season ended, so we were cautious of strangers in stores. He was in his carseat on the shopping cart and most of that trip went well and no one tried to touch him. We were standing in line and I was looking at something. I turned around just to catch this employee trying to stick Andrew's hand in her mouth!!! I freaked out and whipped the shopping cart away from her and yelled at her. I surprised the employee so much she screamed and everyone turned to watch me repremand her for her actions. I was LIVID! She apologied and moved away. Who does that?! It's ballsy to even touch a strangers child, let alone try to put you mouth on them!

It bothered me so much, I called and talked to the management. They were not at all helpful. They just listened to what I had to say and told me, "okay" when I said they needed to speak to this woman about keeping her hands and mouth (ew!) to herself. No aplopgy, no it won't happend again. Just an "Ok". :roll:

I do still shop there, and have not had another run in with this woman. But I always hit up the other craft stores first and use Joannes as a last resort.

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Amber, I would have gone crazy if that happened to me. Hearing that makes me want to boycott Joanne's.

For me, it really depends on the situation. I've boycotted Best Buy in the past. The store by me would advertise great deals and when I went to check it out, they would always tell me that they only had one at that price. That used to bug me to no end so I decided to spend my $ elsewhere. This was years ago and I've since gone back there. I also boycotted and asked others to boycott David's Bridal. I bought my wedding dress there and had a seamstress yell at me and throw my dress on the ground because I asked that it be pressed before my wedding. She was offended as she said she already pressed it.... she got pissed when I showed her the wrinkles. This was also a long time ago. I contacted David's main office and they were very apologetic. They offered to have my dress cleaned and preserved for free after my wedding.