RQ - Weekend Edition

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RQ - Weekend Edition

What similar interests do you and your dh have? Which ones do you have that are separate from each other? Do you both have an opportunity to spend any time doing them?

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Um...we don't really have any similar interests or hobbies. DH use to play hockey and football. He even went to college on a football scholarship. But now all he does is work. I wish he would leave time for a hobby. He's going to burn himself out one of these days with how he works.

I have lots of hobbies. horses, running, crafting, reading, gardening.....I make time for them all. I need something to feel sane.

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DH and I do not have a lot of similiar interests. He is into airplanes, playing the guitar, reading, soccer and tennis. I enjoy running, crocheting, crafting, cooking, wine. We do both enjoy family time and visiting with friends. We love to have dinner parties and invite friends/family over and trying new recipes.

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I am not sure that we have many similar interests. We do like to play board and card games and never make enough time to do it. My husband likes golf and watching sports. I love reading, Zumba, and spending time outside in the summer. I kind of like scrapbooking, but never do it anymore.

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Are we supposed to have something in common with them? LOL Dh and I both enjoy certain movies and TV shows together. We both like to....um....go places? LOL Really I have no idea what we both like to do.

Are differences are usually sports - he likes them and I can do without them. I like painting pottery and he doesn't - but he will paint these figures he customizes all day every day.

Its funny that even though we don't have any hobbies or many interests in common we still have a lot of fun together. Like sometimes just playing a board game will take up an entire weekend because we do it over and over. Obviously - pre-Deacon or when he is with his Mimi. LOL

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DH and I don't share any hobbies. Unless you count talking. We're both big talkers. Lol
DH loves to fly (it was his hobby before it became his job) and play video games. I like to read and cook.
We do take time to play card and board games together, usually on the weekend after DS is asleep. We both enjoy watching all the Star Trek shows now that they're on Netflix. We love to invite friends over to play games, but that requires having friends nearby. lol

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DH and I both love to read, although our choices are very different. You'll usually find us both in bed by 9 with our books. We both do stained glass as a hobbey (I taught DH) but we haven't had time in the past...oh 3.5 years or so Wink I love to cook, he loves to eat and we both like to travel. We are both very family oriented and have fun hanging out with our family. He is much more social than I am, so he's the initiator for gatherings, but I enjoy playing hostess.


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I think the biggest thing we have in common is that we enjoy being with family and friends. We used to spend most of our weekends with my family before Jordan came a long. Now it's a little harder to get together since our time is more limited. We still see them a lot but not as much as before. There are a few sitcoms we both enjoy. Modern Family is the one show we always watch together.

Like Jenn said, we have a lot of fun together but our interests are pretty different. He watches sports, I rarely do. I love crafts and he thinks he is the least creative person on earth. I love to go to movies but there is rarely a movie he would actually pay to see (especially since he has a history of falling asleep in the ones I pick.) We both like to read but he really only reads when he travels. Before Jordan we would occasionally go downtown for dinner just for fun. It would be nice if we could do that occasionally. Oh, and I love playing games but I have to BEG him to play one game with me. I don' even care what we play, just any game.

I actually proposed the idea that one night a week we leave the TV off and we take turns deciding what we will do. I really think we need to make an effort to connect once Jordan is in bed but I find that we don't really do that. Sad