RQ - Weekend Edition

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RQ - Weekend Edition

Do you have a vanity license plate?

What do you think of personalized license plates? What's the funniest one you've ever noticed? Most annoying?

I apologize if there are any errors in my wording. I'm enjoying a :beer:

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Both of our license plates have the Air Force seal on them. :roll:

I don't really care about them one way or another. I'm too cheap to pay for one.

There used to be a blog dedicated to crazy vanity plates. It was super funny some of the stupid stuff people would be on one. Like LUVGAS. Really?! lol

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I don't have one. In high school, when I got my first car, I desperately wanted a plate that said JOYRIDE. Of course my dad put the kibosh on that. Smile

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I do not. But DH has a plate from his college. Not really a vanity plate, but a bit more personalized.

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Nope. I do not have one. I wouldn't want to spend the money on that.