RQ - Weekend Edition

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RQ - Weekend Edition

Where do you keep your books in your house? Do you have a built in book shelf in your living room? Do you keep some in your bedroom? Where do you keep your LO('s) books? How about magazines? How long do you hold on to them for?

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DH loves books. We have a TON of books. We have a huge book case that holds some of them and then another cabinet thing that doubles as an end table that has more books and I do believe we have a box in storage. DH says when we build our house he wants a library. As for Alison's books, she has these bright pink crates in her room that we keep her books in.

I do not really keep magazines around the house very long. I usually just cut the recipes out that sound good and then recycle the magazine or I bring them into work for others to read.

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I don't buy many physical books for myself anymore, I just use the library or the Kindle app on my phone. Most of my old books I've donated. Our house was being taken over and I saw no rational reason to keep them if I was not going to read them again. I almost never read a book more than once. The few we do have are in our office in the basement.

I keep a few magazines. A horse training one, which I punch holes into and keep in a 3 ring binder so they stay nice and I can refer back to them easily. And I keep my running magazines. Right now I have all of my 2011 magazines, and I save all of them from this year. Once I have December 2012's issue, I'll recycle the 2011 ones. I keep these in my nightstand drawer.

The kids books are all in their room. They have a ton of them. More books than toys, probably. I like to keep them where they can get to them easily.

I also make it a point to read a physical book infront of them. I think Holly, was talking on her blog about kids aren't seeing their parents reading books anymore because of e-readers. She made an interesting point. I use to only read once the kids were asleep (because I cannot sit and read when they're up) but now I make it a point to bring my book oustide with me while they're playing so they seem me with it.

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A nice, big bookshelf is on my wishlist. I actually boxed up a bunch of books the other day and I found them all over. I had some in my nightstand drawers, some in the window bench seat in our bedroom, some in the spare bedroom closet, among other places. Seriously, they are all over because I don't have one good place to put them. I don't know why but I like the idea of having them around. It's silly since I don't reread books very often.

Jordan has two baskets of books in our living room that we read during the day. There is also a collection of books on her dresser and we choose from those when we are reading to her before bed. I also have a stash in her closet on a small bookshelf that I use for storage. Most of those are books that she hasn't grown into yet but we will occasionally pick one out to read for fun. Oh, and a bag of books that stays in the car.

I don't subscribe to any magazines anymore. I found that I didn't make time to read them and they just ended up in the recycle bin.

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Most of my books are in the living room on two 7' book shelves. No books in my bedroom, but we do have boxes of books in the guest bedroom closet. lol. Aiden has 3 picture ledges in his play space downstairs that are overloaded with books (if he was taller I'd put more up!) and a drawer in his toy storage stuffed with books. Upstairs in his bedroom he has 3 bins full of books.
I don't keep magazines around after I read them usually. I just tear out pages that I want to keep. I used to get overrun with them and decided I was over that.

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I have work related books in a cabinet in the garage. I keep these mostly for reference when I need them for a case. My personal books are kept in my night stand. I don't have too many. I try to get rid of books/ magazines. After a read a magazine, it goes right into the recycle bin. The boys have a ton of books. They each have a bookshelf in their room that is full and we have a bookshelf right outside their rooms that is full. I have a bin downstairs that is full, too. I figure you can never have too many kids books... especially when they enjoy reading them!