RQ - Weekend Edition

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RQ - Weekend Edition

Since our last question revolves around autumn...

Have a favorite recipe you tend to use most often in the fall that you'd like to share? What is your favorite dish to make in the fall? Dessert? Do you tend to start using the crock pot again? (or do you use yours during the summer?) Let's talk fall meals! Yum! Biggrin

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Here's a few of my favorite pumpkin recipes: Cooking with Mrs Sea Monster: It's that season again...

I use the crockpot equally throughout the year, which is to say not too often. Other than a handful of proven recipes I tend to be a disaster with it. Or find that they're not very healthy. Or that I can make it on the stove quickly without having to remember to set everything up in the morning. lol.

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I love these. they just scream Fall to me. And, they are totally healthy because they're made with fresh apples. Wink

Food / Apple spice bars

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Yum to the Apple Spice bars.

I am not proficient at cooking, so I rarely make/bake much that is season specific. We just eat the usual daily stuff like tacos, spaghetti, breakfast for dinner, etc... I am like Jackie with the crockpot. We use it occasionally. I would like to use it more, but recipes have been hit or miss...or they are not very healthy. We are on a low sodium diet in our house, so we are experimenting. However, it has been really hard since I am a disaster in the kitchen. Lol

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I don't really have a lot of fall recipes but I do love pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I also like to make soups and stews once the cold weather hits. I use the crock pot all around though.

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I love to make Apple Crisp in the fall. I use this recipe: Cooks.com - Recipe - Apple Crisp - Easy Style