RQ - Weekend Edition- Father's Day (share ideas)

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RQ - Weekend Edition- Father's Day (share ideas)

Do you already know what you are doing or getting for DH for Father's Day? Do you already know how you'll be spending the day? Do you do something just from the LO('s) for your dh or from you too? How about father's/FIL's? Know what you are doing for them?

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Not a clue. My 18 yo sister will be flying in to visit then.

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We will get a photo done of all 5 kids. Its become a tradition. Otherwise, I am thinking about agreeing to some work he wants to do in the garage as part of his "gift", lol. We won't do anything crazy, we have a party next weekend for Alicia's b-day. For my Dad, I will be getting him a gift certificate for an e-book, some jelly beans (he is an addict) and something for the boat. Last year he needed a new bumper...how exciting Smile For my FIL, we will make a card and that's about it. DH has never celebrated FD with his SD so we don't make a big deal out of it.


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No idea! I'm just going to keep an eye on this thread.

We aren't really gift people, so I'll probably just make sure I'm nice that day, lol. Maybe go eat at his choice.

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I have no idea. Not at all!

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I'm not yet sure how we'll be spending the day. I have no idea what to get my Dad yet or what to get him from the boys. I got dh this keychain from the boys and I also got a t-shirt for him and matching ones for the boys. Just t-shirts that they can wear around. Nothing special or Father's day related. They are actually Olympic t-shirts so I figure they can wear them for Independence Day since they are red, white and blue. So...just need to figure out how we are spending the day and what to buy my Dad.

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Well, G just bought himself a fancy schmancy lawn mower, so that will be his gift. Now all I have to do is let him sleep in, be nice and make all his favorite meals. So in other words, it will be a typical Sunday. Wink

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The boys are giving DH a kite (J picked out a pretty neat/big airplane kite) and I thought we would spend the afternoon at the beach or by the lake so they can play with it. I will probably have the boys also make DH a card. We might be getting FIL a box of chocolates and I have no clue as to what to get my dad. Maybe candy as well? I'm trying to be very simple this year!