RQOTD - Friday

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RQOTD - Friday

What is something that you are hoping to accomplish this year? Are there any personal goals that you'd like to be working on but haven't had the time? Care to share?

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Honestly I just want to survive DH's last year of training! While living here I do want to get the local babywearing group more active than they've been. Smile

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I want to run another half marathon. I started running again just a couple weeks ago after a 3 year break!!! I have a 5k coming up in July.

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Um....I want to loose some weight...we are weaning me off the steriods slowly so I'm hoping I will be able to loose some pounds a bit more easily than before. I challenged DH to a couch to 5K so we are working on that as well.

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I am working on de-cluttering my house (very slowly). It needs some serious help. It is not as bad as anything you would see on "Clean House" or anything, but it drives my DH nuts. I am really bad about just leaving school papers from the kids or other things like that all over our desk and kitchen. I also need to go through all of our clothes and get rid of a ton. We need to clean all of our donate items out of the garage sometime when it is warmer.

I also want to organize all of our pictures and get them printed. This is a must do item!

As for other goals, I would really like to try P90X. Craig and I keep talking about it, but it will require some extra purchases, on top of the DVD set. Plus, I worry that my feet cannot handle it. I have plantar fasciaitis that I am trying to treat right now. OUCH!