RQOTD - Monday 6/11

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RQOTD - Monday 6/11

Better late than never, right? Wink

Do you let your child(ren) watch TV or movies? What is their favorite?

Aiden watches TV once a day. It's usually part of a movie (he loves the Muppet Movie) or an episode of Sesame Street. Usually sometime in the afternoon when I'm worn out and need a rest!

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Having an older child has allowed my youngest to now watches TV a lot more than my older one was allowed at this age!

T's favorites include Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Curious George or Jake & the Neverland Pirates.

J's favorite includes Jake & the Neverland Pirates or Imagination Movers.

When they do watch TV, it's only PBS, PBS Sprout or Disney Jr.

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Like Cali - Matthew watches more at this age than Michael did because of the older child.

Matthew likes Curious George, Mickey Mouse. Michael still likes C George but he likes Mickey Mouse, Super Why, Doc McStuffins (sp?), a couple others. They watch about 20 minutes (or one show) in the evening with their nighttime snack (before we do books) and sometimes a show in the morning while I am doing a few things around the house. But I notice that when I turn something on during that time they seem to be paying more attention to the puzzles on the floor or the toys in that room. I just asked Michael what his favorite show was and he said "I'd like a bagel now please." LOL

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Ours watch stuff on Netflix...usally and episode or two a day. Friday night is movie night...Toy Story and Cars are the big hits around here. Alicia tells me most of the Disney movies are too scary. Alicia's favourite right now is Max and Ruby with Angelina Ballerina running a close second. DJ LOVES Dora and Diego.


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Ditto Cali and Julie, Andrew watches way more T.V than Ava ever did at this age. Still, we don't watch too much.

For T.V we stick to PBS. They adore Clifford, Curious Geroge and Super Why. Ava still would rather read the Clifford and Geroge books than watch the show. Andrew, of course prefers the T.V, which is why I try to limit it and play Pandora for background noise when we're home.

For movies, we watch Signing Time and now that Ava is WAY into princesses we watch the Disney movies. I put the T.V on when I need to get something else done and the kids are not being accomidating of that.

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Yes, Miles watches a little bit in the morning while Vivi is napping. We hang out downstairs where all his trains are so he's usually playing trains and catching glimpses of whatever's on. We just have the basic channels, so we have like 15 channels, lol. He watches PBS or Qubo. At night before bed (during the week) he loves to watch Pecola. This is his favorite show ever. Otherwise he likes Dinosaur Train & Super Why.