RQOTD - Monday

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RQOTD - Monday

Have you watched fireworks this year? Where at? What was your child(ren)'s reaction?

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Yes, we watched near our home on the shores of Lake Ontario. We were fortunate that our neighbours put on a good show of little fireworks and then we can see 4 cities fireworks (Canada Day). They both loved them! Next year we may get a bit closer, although its nice to participate in the beach party the community has too!


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Yes, Saturday night at the Houston Astros game they had a big display afterward. Other than that we won't see any because fireworks are banned here due to the drought.

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Jordan's still a little young IMO. I didn't want to keep her up that late and I thought they may scare her. I'm really hoping we will get to take her to see some next year though.

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Nope, dunno when we ever will, Evie hates loud sudden noises like firecrackers.

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We saw my parents city's fireworks Saturday night. My son thought they were boring, though he did notice them. Tonight a lot of my parent's neighbors were shooting off fireworks. Aiden knew exactly where to turn his head to see them all. He smiled and thought they were great for awhile. Funny enough, my father picked him up and Aiden fell fast asleep in his arms during all the fireworks tonight!

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No. We didn't actually go anywhere to watch any. Sunday night you could here some and it scared M. I was hoping to be able to see them from outside because I thought that if he could at least see what was making the loud noise maybe he wouldn't be so scared. But you couldn't. I considered going last night but was too tired from the day. Next year, next year. Blum 3

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We went to a Rockies game and they did fireworks there. We had to leave early since I had to work afterwards, so we watched them from the parking lot. Ava was not a fan of the noise- in the city the booms bounced off all the buildings, plus she was pretty tired, but did okay once we sat in the car. Andrew enjoyed them.

This picture of them from last year cracks me up. We were at the Rockies Game again and they were not too impressed! lol!