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RQOTD - Monday

When you need a babysitter...who do you call? If it's somebody other than family (like, an actual babysitter Biggrin ) how did you hear about them?

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When Aiden was born we were friends with this one couple. By the time Aiden was old enough for me to be willing to let him go, they baby sat for us once....and then they moved. So then there was another couple in the meantime that we got to know and trust here and we set up for them to babysit, but they got orders to move a within a week so they never babysit. So now once again we've gotten to know a couple well enough to trust them to babysit. They're expecting their first, so they volunteered knowing that they could use the practice. lol. They watched Aiden for the first time Saturday afternoon so DH and I could see a movie. Yeah, they never changed his diaper even after I gave them a diaper and told them exactly when to change his diaper (as soon as he woke up from his nap). UGH. I guess we'll use them again assuming they're up to it when DH graduates in 2 months because I don't know anyone else who can babysit that we trust in the least bit. Either that or I don't go. :shrug:

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The only people who have watched Alison are the grandmothers. I am a nervous nelly!!!

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We're only used Grandparents too. And my BIL and his wife once, but they won't watch them again because he admitted to letting Ava CIO when she was teething as a baby, when I specifically asked them not to and to call me to come home if she was having a hard time.

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I always call my mom first. If she can't do it I call my grandmother (81 yrs old, lol) and if she can't we call MIL (she lives further away). We always prefer a grandmother over anyone else. I have a friend that loves Deacon like her own and he loves her and asks for her, but for some reason I am never comfortable leaving him with her.

We have never hired a babysitter or used a non-family member.

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We don't have family close, and with me in school, we need sitters we can depend on. I have one mom (she's actually running Daphne's MDO program in the fall) who has watched Daphne multiple times. She's part of our local attachment parenting group, so I knew I was comfortable with her parenting choices and techniques. We hired our other sitter off of craigslist after doing lots of interviewing and reference checking.

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We don't use a babysitter too often. If we do need someone, I call my mom, MIL or sister.

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We have only left Jordan with my parents or my sister and/or my BIL. I am not comfortable leaving her with anyone else yet and we don't need a babysitter very often.

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We use MIL if at all possible. Our other day time sitter is a lady I found on Kijiji, but referenced and interviewed like crazy. The kids love her. Our evening babysitter is our neighbour, she's in her 20s and used to work in a daycare. The only other person who has ever babysat is a friend of DH's...he will only come after the kids are in bed. He's nervous, as he's childless, but he loves our kids and is very good with them. He comes when we want to go to a late movie or something and we'll have our cell phones with us, lol.


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My parents. Other than them, I've got some close friends and some co-workers that have offered, but we've never needed them.