RQOTD - Monday

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RQOTD - Monday

How often do you use your blender and what kind do you have?

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In the summer I use it a lot for smoothies. In the winter, once in a while for sauce or to puree soup. Its a Kitchen Aide. It looses is place on the counter in the winter, to be replaced by oatmeal. It comes back out of hiding in the spring Wink


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ROFL Never and no clue! Really, I think it is even stored in our garage. I want to make shakes or smoothies every once in a while, but I just don't want to search for the blender. So, we never use it.

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Maybe 1x a week. Dh uses it maybe 1x every 2 wks to make salsa. It used to be a lot more when I was making Miles' baby food. Soon it will get more use. The brand is Hamilton Beach.

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We have an Oster. DH uses it occasionally for smoothies, more often now that he's training for races again. I use my food processor a lot more. Thinking about getting DH a Vitamix for Christmas...he would love it.

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Actually, I just sat down from using mine. I use it every week or two to make smoothies for Jordan. I make plenty to freeze because she gets some most nights with her dinner. Spinach and banana smoothies are one of the few ways I can get some iron in her. We have an Oster.

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I think we have an Oster too. We go in waves using it, but it's been mostly replaced by a blender ball for protein shakes. I only drag it out to add in some fruit to a protein shake, or to blend soup.

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Actually never use one! We got one for our wedding years ago and it just collected dust, I finally gave it to a friend.

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I'm not sure what kind I have. But I use it everyweek to make smoothies.