RQOTD - Monday

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RQOTD - Monday

Do you and your dh make time for each other each day? If so, how?

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We generally read together in the evening and will spend an hour or so working together around the house after the kids go to bed. We generally end up going to bed a hour or so before we actually go to sleep, we talk, read etc. That is our "us" time.

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Not each day, but we make sure we do several time a week. We also plan date nights at least once a month.

We learned the hard way that time for us is much more important for our relationship than we previously thought.

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We spend a little time in the evening before bed talking and catching up.

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It really helped us as a couple once we started putting Aiden down in his crib at night (for a few months we coslept once we went to bed, but till then Aiden was in his crib). The 1-2 hours of quiet time is usually the only time we're both home and can talk. Though lately we've been spending an hour watching Star Trek on Netflix. lol. Dates don't exist, but at least we get some quiet time at night.

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Not exactly. We are both pretty pooped after Jordan goes to bed so usually we just sort of hang out and do our own thing. He might watch TV while I do crafts or he might get on the computer to pay bills while I watch a show. We are in the same room so we might visit or we might not. I really wish we were better about it.

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Well, I wouldn't call it "us" time, and yet it is for us, if that makes sense. We have several tv shows that we enjoy watching together. So, we do that every evening. We need to plan more date nights, but a babysitter is really expensive.