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RQOTD - Monday

When will you put up your Christmas tree? Do you get a real tree or do you have an artificial tree? If you have a grabby toddler right now, do you plan to do anything special to keep them away from it? (gate, up high, etc?)

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We have a artificial tree. We have a small house, so we needed something slim to fit our space. I LOVE our tree! This year I'm super excited because now I get to have 2 trees. One upstairs and 1 downstairs. I think we'll get a real tree for our second tree this year and buy another artificial tree with the after christmas sales. I know real trees are greener, but I have so much trouble seeing a live tree being cut down and take to the curb.

Generally we put our tree up right after Thanksgiving, but I think this year I'll wait until after Andrew's birthday party on Dec. 11th. Our house is tight with a lot of guests, so we'll need the extra room a tree would take up. We'll put up our outdoor lights the weekend after thanksgiving, weather permitting.

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Whenever it's dropped off Smile Our friends cut down trees from their acreage every year and then drop a few off on our driveway. DH takes whichever we don't want to the fire station. They usually cut them the day after Thanksgiving. I almost wish it were sooner. If Target has their Christmas decorations up, why can't I put mine up too Smile

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"kris10gal" wrote:

If Target has their Christmas decorations up, why can't I put mine up too Smile

Jake has already been requesting "Christmas shows" to watch because "the stores have Christmas decorations. It's Christmas time, mommy". Thankfully I have some on DVD, so I gladly honor his request Smile

We will be putting our tree up the day after Thanksgiving. We are throwing a shower at our house the following weekend and I want the house decorated before then.

We used to have a real tree, until our cat decided he didn't like it one year... since then, we've had an artificial. I'm glad we now have an artificial because we were able to find one that fits beautifully in our living room with our high ceiling.

I don't do anything special to baby proof around the tree. T is not allowed in that part of the house alone and J is closely monitored when he is over there. The tree is too big and freaks me out to allow the little ones to play around it.

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We get a real tree and it goes up the second week of December. I tie it off to the curtain rod and we don't put the truly valuable decorations on it at this point... I hang them off the chandelier in the dining room. So far, its been good...ask me again on December 26th.


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We have a poor artificial tree that the cat has not been kind to over the years. We will not get a new one until the kids are older. We actually didn't even put one up last year. Between the twinkles and the cat, we thought it would be best to leave it in the box. We decorated around the fireplace. Biggrin

This year, DH wants to put the tree in a different location and we will use the superyard to keep the girls out. As for the cat who knocks the tree down, I have no clue what to do about her.

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We go and cut down a tree usually the first week of December! I can't wait!!!! We might go the weekend of Thanksgiving this year.

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We have a fake 7' Christmas tree that we normally put up the day after Thanksgiving. This year since we're moving right after Thanksgiving, we're not. The packers are taking our tree and we won't see it till mid March at the earliest. I'm going to see if I can't find a cheap table top tree and some garland to hang our favorite ornaments on. Probably safest with Aiden anyways. Blum 3

Melanie, in years past we've had to take string and tie off the Christmas tree to a couple of walls. Our cat knocked down our tree the first Christmas we had him and broke several ornaments.

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We splurged on a nice artificial tree two years ago. We had an artificial one from Target that only lasted us two years before the wiring went haywire so we invested in one that has a much longer warranty. I would prefer a real tree but artificial is just easier for now. Growing up, we had the most gorgeous trees because my dad worked with tree farms. I do miss having a real tree because I love the smell.

I think we will put up our tree within the week after Thanksgiving. It will be in our living room which is where Jordan and I spend most of our time so it could be interesting!

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This will probably be our first year putting up a tree...ever. We're lame, I know. It's always been just us and then last year I really wasn't in the mood.

Now, as far as when we're putting it up, idk. We're still trying to get the new house thing worked out and I don't want to put it up and then take it down and then put it up again, ykwim?

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We have an artificial one that is two years old and we'll use that again this year. Not sure when we will put it up and what I'll do about the crazy M2. Perhaps in the future we'll get a real one. Maybe at the next house or just even when they are another year or two older.