RQOTD - Monday

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RQOTD - Monday

What do you do with all of the greeting cards you receive? Do you still have all of your wedding cards? How about the cards your child(ren) have received? Toss them? Recycle them? Save them? If you save them, how do you store them?

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I save all my Christmas cards, and any greeting cards that I know a lot of thought went into. The rest I recycle.

Right now I store them with a rubber band holding them together. I'd like to do bind them together, like some of the ideas I've seen on Pinterest, expecially the photo christmas cards. That is pretty low on my to do list, though.

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I save all the Christmas cards I receive. Pretty much everything else gets thrown away though.
I have kept Aiden's baptism cards and plan to keep his 1st birthday cards too. Smile

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The only cards that I saved were from our wedding and the cards from Alison's baby shower. All the rest get recycled.

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I used to save all of my cards, but after 10+ years of marriage, we accummlated too many. Now, I save picture cards and cards from my immediate family. I save all cards the boys receive. I have a scrapbook with cards received from our wedding/ college graduations/ baby shower. The rest I keep in a hope chest. The boys cards are saved in photo boxes in their closet. Everything else gets recycled (I recently found a lot of old Christmas cards that I decided to save for future art projects)

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I have a fear of becoming a hoarder, which means I recycle everything. I have the cards from our wedding because DH made me keep them. And I think I have one or two sweet cards with notes in them that Daphne has received. I tend to display Christmas cards until New Year's Day and then they get tossed.

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Keep cards. Hmmm. Me? I think I live at Hallmark.