RQOTD - Monday

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RQOTD - Monday

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Did you host or attend a Super Bowl party? Who were you rooting for? If you did watch any of it were you paying attention to the commercials? Which was your favorite?

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I had to work. I saw up to the half time show- which I LOVED! I think Madonna rocked it! Ava loved it too and asked to watch it multiple times. And, I saw the last play while I was in a labor room doing a baby's transition.

I was most excited to watch The Voice. It's 12:15am, and I'm eating a piece of cake and watching it now. I already know I'm going to regret both these decisions in the morning.

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Yes, we watched the Super Bowl. We attended a party until it was time to put the kidlets in bed. Then, we watched it at home. This was an exciting Super Bowl for us since it took place in Indianapolis. We felt like we were a part of all the events leading up to the game. Jimmy Fallon filmed his show in Indy, we had footage of the different celebrities in town, Madonna's kids went to the local children's museum -- no she did not go with them--, and local drum corps were part of Madonna's half-time show. If I can actually get some photos e-mailed to my work computer, I will show you some pictures that my hubby took of Super Bowl Village when he and Isaiah went down for the NFL Experience. Indy did a great job hosting the Super Bowl. I have a feeling it will be coming back to Indy sometime in the next 10-15 years.

We were rooting for the Giants, of course. Who else do you want to win in Peyton Manning's house, but his little brother! Biggrin Loved the fourth quarter.

As for commercials, I didn't see them all because of the kiddos. So, I am not really sure I saw enough to have a fave. I will admit that the M&Ms commercial was definitely super funny. Biggrin Love that song!

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We went to a super bowl party since we couldn't watch it on our TV (no TV stations or cable right now). We weren't rooting for either team, but still enjoyed watching. DH and I really liked the M&M commercial.

Surprisingly we were able to stay for the whole game, because DS went to sleep wrapped on me. It was a great, quiet 4th quarter. Lol

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No, didn't watch it. I'm not a football fan. The kids and I spent yesterday afternoon making and decorating cookies for valentines day.


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We watched it although this year I had zero interest in either team (San Diego fans are not fans of the Pats or Eli Manning...lol). We ended up hosting a last minute party, which was fun. The boys loved it. I agree that the halftime show was great. There were a few commercials that I enjoyed.. the m&m one, a doritos one, and the camaro one.

Melanie, how fun to have been in the host city. The few times it's been here, DH and I have gone and participated in all of the activities. It's a lot of fun!

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Nope. Dh went to his brothers to watch it and I stayed home with the kids.