RQOTD - Monday

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RQOTD - Monday

Are you a list person? What types of lists do you make besides grocery lists? Are you good with crossing everything off them or do you often carry something over to the next one?

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I have to be a list person because I am so forgetful. I make list of what to pack when we travel, to-do lists for the week, and even write down what meals I have planned for the week on our marker board. I am so forgetful that I cannot always recall all the dishes and sides I planned. My to-do list do not always get done right away but that's more of a recent issue.

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Oh I definitely need lists! If I don't type it up or write it down, I will certainly forget it. My iPhone is on me pretty much 24/7. It's my lifeline. Not because of FB, email, text, and calls. But because my menu is on there, a dozen different lists on my reminders app, lists for every store ever on my GroceryIQ app, and then I have about a dozen notes at any time written on there. I'm constantly having to check on those lists to remember what I need to do or what I planned on doing! I do like how I can check everything off as I go using my phone.

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Ever since I had Alison, I swear my memory fell out of my rear end or something. I have to make lists otherwise I would forget everything!!!

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I never make lists, but I probably should. I'm just to lazy to actually do it. Blum 3

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I used to love making lists...and now, I rarely do. If I have a ton of stuff I need to get done I'll jot them down. Or of course I make a grocery list, but other than that, nope. No lists. I do LOVE to cross things off of a list though (just got lazy since having kids??!)

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"Lavender444" wrote:

I never make lists, but I probably should. I'm just to lazy to actually do it. Blum 3

Ha! I write lists at work to keep me on top of deadlines. I am bad about lists at home. It is just one more thing to do on top of the billion things I already need to get done. However, I function better with a list. I know this and I just don't follow my own advice.

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Yes, my phone is full of them. The first thing I do in the morning is check it. I have lists in my calendar at work too, otherwise I would never remember to do all the little things that students need done (not to mention faculty). I have grocery, task, kid related stuff, reno stuff, DH lists...you name it I have lists.