RQOTD - Monday

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RQOTD - Monday

Did yesterday's daylight savings have an effect on your family? How did your children handle it?

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YES! DH was supposed to work 7 hours rather than 8...but his replacement was late. DJ had a 2 hour nap at MILs yesterday, then wouldn't go to bed. The kids refused to get up this morning...Alicia had a total meltdown. I am tired. Blah....I hate the time change!


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I hate adjusting to the time changes. I was up too late last night and was woken up too early this morning.

I'm not sure about how it affected Jordan. She's been difficult at bedtime for at least the last week or more. I thought it was just a two year molar, attached to mommy thing but I'm starting to wonder if she needs a change. She was still a mess last night and it was really like an hour earlier to her so I don't know.

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Nope...no issues here. Other than Alison wouldn't take a nap yesterday so she fell asleep before dinner. But that had nothing to do with the time change, she just didn't want to nap...too busy playing.

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The kids seem to be adjusting fine. DH and I are pretty tired, though.

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I love the time change. Now my kids wake up at 6 instead of 5! Win!

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We all have been dragging *** these last few days. I've had to wake up the kids to get us out the door on time. I am beat, and ready for bed. I'm so glad it comes an hour earlier today!

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Let's see Aiden was already off kilter from moving and then being out of town all weekend. With the time change it's 10 pm and he's still not asleep! He's in his crib at least. Though it was 8:30 before he was up for the day this morning! Can't complain about the wake up time, but I'd like for him to have been asleep 2 hours ago. Blum 3

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All of our kids adjusted fine to the time change. I am tired, but I am dealing with sinus issues that triggered my vertigo issues. Not fun! I finally took Claritin-D today because I recognized that it must be sinus stuff and now all of my vertigo is gone. Yay! Now, I am wired from the decongestant. :shock: Lol