RQOTD - Monday

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RQOTD - Monday

What sorts of things do you, dh, and children enjoy doing as a family? How often do you have family time?

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We try to have family time as often as we can!! We will go to the park for a picnic dinner when I get home or on a walk. We like to go to the library and we are Oregon Zoo Members so we go there. Even if we are not going anywhere, we always have dinner as a family.

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Swimming, playgrounds and other play areas (jump house, Childrens museum) the Zoo, going for walks. Generally anything outdoors and active is a winner. We make sure we get family time every weekend. In fact, with how Graham has been traveling, we make sure we spend several hours every weekend with just fun family time. We found out the hard way this was very important for all of us. Smile

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We do lots of things as a family. We eat breakfast and dinner together. We walk most days. We go to the beach or the zoo or something every other weekend...its a priority for us. We also garden together A LOT. We do puzzles, play age appropriate games, go to the park - whatever we can as a family we do.

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We have yet to live in a city with a children's museum or a zoo or anything fun like that really. Family days usually consist of staying at home and enjoying some outside time. Maybe lunch out somewhere. I'm glad to be back on a base again where there are parks and playgrounds nearby. When we were in WF, TX this winter we would go to the mall and let DS run around since it was often too cold or too wet for much outside time. I'd let him pick out a book from the bookstore which made DS happy. I'm looking forward to going home this summer so that I can take DS to the zoo and children's museum there. Though not really family time since DH can't ever join us.

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We have at least a little family time everyday since we eat dinner together and then have some time to play before Jordan gets her bath. When it is nice outside we like to let Jordan play in the backyard or walk around in front. This is one big reason I hope to find a home that has a nice yard and more room in front. Jordan loves being outside. Unfortunately, it does get really hot here so we end up spending a lot of time indoors. We've done trips to the library, museum and the zoo but those are usually during the week, so without DH since he is at work.