RQOTD - Monday

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RQOTD - Monday

Will you be coloring eggs this week with your LO's? Planning an egg hunt for next weekend? Tell us your plans for Easter!

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Coloring eggs - yes! But I don't know how. LOL! I have a kit but haven't read the instructions. Not sure when we'll do that, but we definitely will. Saturday there's an Egg Hunt in our community that we've been going to every year. So I'll bring the kids there Sat morning. The Easter Bunny will also hide a few eggs around our house.

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Yes! We'll color eggs for sure. We also do family Easter Egg hunts. I think we'll do our own here, as well as the big family one at my Grandmother's. We spend all holidays at my Grandmother's house after church.

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Wow. Guess that is creeping up on us! I guess Saturday we're dying eggs, but I still haven't decided how I want to do that yet. I know Aiden will want to participate this year so maybe we'll try to kool aid dye or something. Seriously doubt if Aiden will get hunting for eggs, but maybe I'll toss a few in the grass and see what he does.
As you can tell no real plans for Easter. I don't even know what I may or may not feel like cooking just yet. Last year we dyed eggs with friends and drank. Lol

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I did eggs last weekend with the kids. It went suprizingly well, other then when DJ dumped the cup of purple dye all over himself and my kitchen. The kid still has purple spots! This weekend we painted pots for pansies for the grandmothers for Easter. Next Friday I am heading to my folks - we will have an easter hunt there. We did it last year, with no prep for the kids, and they did very well...Alicia figured it out in about 10 seconds...took DJ about 15 Smile We are having our dinner there on Saturday (its my birthday and my dad's is a week after so its a big celebration) and then heading home to MIL's on Sunday for a dinner as well. I have bought stuff for another egg hunt at our house because DH can't come with us on the weekend...so the kids should have a blast.


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Alison's birthday is actually on Easter this year....so we will be coloring Easter eggs on Friday night with her cousin. We have her birthday party planned for Saturday. And Easter Sunday will be at Nana and Papa's. Alison's cousin who is 11 will help her with the finding of Easter eggs! Should be fun! I will take tons of pictures!

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Yes, we will be coloring eggs at some point this week! I also want to make some sort of Easter craft.

We did a community egg hunt on Saturday (which ended up being quite a disaster....) and a neighborhood egg hunt yesterday, which was a lot of fun! There is another community egg hunt next Saturday and I'm on the fence about going... probably not. The Easter Bunny will hide eggs for the boys and they will have their own hunt on Sunday morning.

On Easter morning, the boys will have their egg hunt, I plan on making a good breakfast and then we'll be off to church. After the service our church does a butterfly release and J is really looking forward to that (they each get their own butterfly). And then we're off to spend the day with family.