RQOTD - Monday

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RQOTD - Monday

Do you have a blog?
What are some blogs you like to read?

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Yep! I have two actually:

http://theadventuresofalexandkristi.blogspot.com (this is our family blog)
http://dedicrazy.blogspot.com (my friend and I started this blog to track our miles)

I read a bunch of different ones. They are on the blog list on my blog.

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No, I do not blog. I debate it every once in a while, but I am not ready. I read several blogs. One is called It's Twinsanity. She used to post more and I loved it, but she has not been posting as much lately. Although, having 6 total kids with two sets of twins in the mix is probably the reason for that. Smile

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I have two blogs: my menus/recipes and my rambles

I follow quite a few cooking blogs from the HouseHold6 cooking club I'm a part of. And I follow a whole bunch of really random ones:
My Stick Family (she's actually a mom from here on pg.org)
Doctor Grumpy
The Pioneer Woman
Not Quite Carrie Bradshaw (ex military wife friend of mine who happens to be Canadian lol)
Jeanette Murray (military wife friend who actually is a good romance writer!)
And about 10 more. Lol Usually 1-2 times a week I pick a blog or two to catch up on.

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I started a blog just after my m/c and kept up with it until Jordan turned one. It was a therapeutic outlet for me and then became a fun way to journal my pregnancy and first year of being a parent. It started to feel more like an obligation so I stopped. I'm so glad I kept up with it until then though! I occasionally go back and read random posts.

I really don't follow any. Occasionally I will read dooce if my friend tells me there was something I would enjoy in her post. That's about it.

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I kept a blog up until Andrew came home from NICU, then I was just too busy with a crying baby to write. I could start again now, but I feel like our life isn't all that interesting.

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I have one but haven't been writing in it recently. I'll have to check a few of these out later on. Also, I'll have to share a couple favorites. I only have a few minutes right now so I'll do that a little bit later.