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RQOTD Monday

Do you have friends that you get together with for playdates? How old are their children compared to your children? What do you do? Where do you go?

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Not really. The closest we come to play dates are monthly La Leche League and cloth diaper meeting. The toddlers go off together to play while the moms talk about the topic of the meeting which usually evolves to all things parenting. The ages of the kids can range from newborns to middle schoolers (aka, kids who are forced to tag along lol).

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Yes. I have a large number of work friends and friend-friends that have kids in the 0-4 year range. We get together often for playdates. We do a lot of zoo trips, parks, houses, museum, swimming. It's nice. Smile

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Yep. My friend has a little girl that is 2 months older than Alison. And another friend has a daughter a year older. So we play tgoether a lot.

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My Bff has a daughter who is 2 weeks younger than Alicia, we get together about every 6 weeks (we live 2 hours apart). Other than that, not really. Most of my kids friends are much older than mine. There is a new family in the neighbourhood with 5 kids, 2 are our ages...so I'm hoping to make friends. Alicia is starting to go to the next-door neighbours house to play, they have 3, 2 girls who are a bit older than Alicia and a son who is 5 months older than DJ but who is a brute!


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I have a friend that has three boys. One is eight weeks older than Michael and the other two are older. Another friend who has an older son (7) and a son 7 months younger than Michael. And then another friend has a son that is 3 wks older than Michael but so far we've only gotten together twice. For the other play dates we usually go to eachothers homes or the zoo, museum, park.