RQOTD - Monday

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RQOTD - Monday

Did you play an instrument as a child? Which one?

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Started with clarinet and then played flute in highschool. Gave up music in grade 12, to my regret.

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No. I alway wish that my parents would have let me play an instrument. I am not really sure why it was not allowed. I was a gymnast and I am quite certain that it was expensive for them. That is why Isaiah plays the violin (although he wants to play the cello this year). I want him to have that experience. Although, we give him the choice every year. I will not force him to play an instrument.

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I played the flute until college.

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I played the clarinet in middle and high school. My university didn't have any music program. I sometimes regret not playing anymore. I have my clarinet, but can't play nearly as much as I could a couple of years ago from memory. Sad

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No. I never did. I want to have the kids take piano lessons once they are a little older. It seems people who can play piano can play just about any instrument. I might take lessons with them as well.

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