RQOTD - Monday

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RQOTD - Monday

What events or special activities does your family enjoy doing?

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I can't really think of any events. It's almost time to go to the pumpkin patch and that is always fun. The boys are really enjoying fishing (although Matthew lasts for just a few minutes and then he just wants to run everywhere and look for sticks) and playing outside. Michael asked if we could bake cookies today. Cookie monster ones. We'll see. Wink

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I also am not sure if I can think of any events. Our family travels to visit my parents and go to a pumpkin farm every year. We try to take our kids to the zoo several times a year. We love the Indianapolis Children's Museum and used to be members. We try to take Isaiah to a college football game every Fall. This year, we are taking the whole family on my DH's birthday. We shall see how crazy the twinkles get! Smile

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We try to do something once a month. This month its a free reading festival that is this Sunday. In October we go to a pumpkin patch and apple picking. November we usually go to the children's museum. Lots of choices in December, lol. January we go to a skating party. February we have a party at home. March we usually go to the maple syrup festival. April we go to the zoo. May we usually go to the local farm to see the babies. June there are several festivals to choose from. July is Canada day festivities and August there is the local peach festival. We find that by making a point of doing something once a month, we don't get weighed down in the regularly scheduled weekend chores. We used to try for every other weekend, but these days there is always something...birthday parties, visits, etc so once a month seems to be working.


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My kids really love to do anything really. I'm always so shocked at how much they enjoy seemingly mundane stuff. My FIL is an avid fisherman. I was at Target a while ago and Ava saw a princess fishing pole. Upon seeing it, she asked FIL to take her fishing. FIl is a bit of a fishing snob. He only uses the best, and when I said I would get Ava the princes pole to take he gave the impression he would be a bit offended if Ava fished with a princess pole. DH was againt me getting it too. I was 100% convinced that the whole reason she wanted to go fishing was for the princess stuff. Well, we took her last week and she had a blast! She even touched the fish and put them back into the water! We went out later in the afternoon and I was so sure they would get bored and crabby and want to go back in. I was shocked at how much fun they had, sitting on a boat. I'm so glad these kids have a more positive outlook than their mother does. Wink

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We go to DQ after dinner often for ice cream. We like to go to local parks. And bowling in the winter (Miles LOVES bowling).