RQOTD - Saturday

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RQOTD - Saturday

What's for dinner tonight?

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I haven't gotten that far. Smile Something with tomatoes...I have a million yummy tomatoes from my garden. I would stuff peppers because i have a million of those too, but I don't have all the ingredients and it's too hot to go to the store.

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Had chinese last night. M ate the rice but wasn't interested in anything else. So then he had green beans, yogurt, cheese, more rice and spit his meat out. He also had blueberry bread.

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We went out to mexican and I had fajitas. Yum! Biggrin

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We had pizza for J's bday party Smile

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Last night I attended a college friend's wedding. It was a formal sit down dinner. Still not too sure what the soup was, but it involved coconut milk. Then we had a spinach salad. Rolls. And the main dish was steak, shrimp, and scallops with zucchini ribbons and pesto mac and cheese. Smile

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Last night we had spaghetti and meat sauce. It was a cool overcast day and that just sounded yummy!


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Last night we went out to Red Robin and I had a whiskey river bbq burger. It's my favorite burger and it's probably been two years since I had one last! It was deeelicious.

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Let's see - Saturday night we had a frozen pizza at like 11 pm. It was a late night for us, lol.

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Last night we had spaghetti and meatballs. No idea what we are having tonight though.