RQOTD - Sunday

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RQOTD - Sunday

Is there something in your house - a piece of furniture, a decoration, something that you really don't like, but it's there because dh loves it? What is it?

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Our basement is finished, but it's a mis-match of furniture. I don't mind too much, that's basically dh's man-cave. HOWEVER, there is this one end table (if you want to call it that) down there that bugs me. It's glass, with gold edges. It sits next to his reclining chair, and has rolling wheels. Not only is it ugly, but it came from his ex-girlfriend. Who hates me. ROFL Dh is totally the type "it's perfectly fine, don't throw it away" so it stays. For now.

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I'm happy to say that we don't. DH isn't big on clutter so he is big on getting rid of things if they don't look good in the house or if they aren't functional.

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There are quite a few pictures in our house that I'm not fond of. The majority of them have at least been regulated to the guest bedroom. We have a lot of pictures of planes. Like huge poster sized prints. There are also a couple of pictures of bats holding knives and guns with blood dripping down. Why? Because that was the figgin' mascot of his last squadron. One of the guys he knows recently sent him yet another picture of this stupid bat. In our living room above the TV is currently a picture of of a military guy in the desert camo in full gear with the American flag behind him. It's the nicest of all his pictures and by having that one out, I can keep the rest of them hidden in the rarely used guest bedroom.

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Nothing house realted. DH and I have similar taste on everything... but he has this really old ugly gross Blackhawks hat that I despise! It is sooooooo gross from years of playing sports and sweating in it. I can't even imagain what's growing in there. :puke2:He loves it and won't let me throw it away-even though he never wears it.

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I'm with Jackie, DH's pictures leave something to be desired. We don't have a family room, our living room is where we hang out. DH wanted his Wayne Gretzky signed jersey over the fire place...not so much. Its regulated to the upstairs hall. Some of his art is actually hanging in the unfinished basement as he refuses to get rid of it, and I refuse to have it where I have to see it all the time, lol.


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There are actually lots of furniture that DH won't give up that really don't fit in and I don't like. His "commander" chair, a leather office/computer chair with matchin ottoman. This I don't mind even if this scrubby chair is in the living room, b/c at least the cats (and Evie for a while) are enjoying it.

What I really can't stand are the various chests of drawers we have in our master bedroom. I want to replace either with closets, armoires or new chests of drawer that match with our beautiful 4 poster bed. But these belong to DH, and are the cheapie 70's style chests. Bleh!!!!

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Yes - Dh has this ugly hardwood mini-dresser thing that he just loves and I hate. I've been trying to convince him to get rid of it since we were dating but he refuses because its solid wood and "its hard to find good quality furniture like this these days" :rolleyes: So it stays in his man cave.

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...oh, where do I start? :rolleyes: