RQOTD - Sunday

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RQOTD - Sunday

When is the last time you were out of the house for some "me" time?

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LOL, what's that?

I did get my hair done 2 weeks ago, so I guess that would count Smile

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Last night. Jus and I went to the Astros game while I mom kept deacon, he is still with here and it's almost 11 am. We even stayed late after the game to see the fireworks show.

I'm fortunate in that jus will always watch deacon on the weekends so I can go do whatever I want. But we don't get much"us" time to be alone. Last night was great just being together alone again.

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What's "me" time?! Lol
I did get to go out without Aiden a couple of times this past week. One was for a funeral, the other a wedding. I think I might go see a movie with my sister Wednesday. Does that count? It takes way too much effort to be without Aiden since with teething he's wanting to eat every 2 hours....why torture myself with pumping when I can just drag him along with me?

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I got out for an hour the other night. Yup. An hour. I have dinner plans with a friend this Thursday night. Looking forward to it. Blum 3

Jenn - That's great you and Justin got to go out. I couldn't tell you the last time I sat at a restaurant with dh by myself if I had to.

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Does work count? Wink

Last time was during vacation last month, my mom and dad looked after Evie while we went to watch "Bridesmaids" at the theatre. First theatre date in over 2 years!!!!!

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Ummmm? I get to go grocery shopping alone sometimes! DH and I are going on a date to celebrate our anniversary next week. We got tickets to the U2 concert on Monday. MIL and FIL are keeping the kids overnight and we are going out to dinner and getting a hotel. I'm super super excited!


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Last week I went out to dinner with a friend. It was a lot of fun.

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Jason and I finally had a date that lasted longer than an hour (of which we have had TWO since Jordan was born). We went to the Casey James concert at Billy Bob's on Friday and I had a blast. I talked Jason into going and he ended up enjoying the music too. Biggrin It was so nice to have a real date! I want to do it again.