RQOTD - Thursday 6/14

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RQOTD - Thursday 6/14

Did your mom or dad make your lunches while growing up? Or did you buy school lunch? Or did you make your own lunch?
For those with kids who attend school or daycare, do you make their lunches?

My parents never made my lunch once I was in a school that served hot lunches. I "enjoyed" many years of cafeteria food until I started packing my own lunch most days in middle school and high school (I'd buy lunch when it was something tasty). I remember in high school one of my friends still had her mom making her lunch every day and putting in a note. We tested her, but honestly loved the notes she got - plus her lunches were usually more well thought out than our self made ones. Wink

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My Dad always made lunch for us. He cut up our sandwiches and peeled our oranges and wrote messages on the brown paper bag until we were in high school.

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My parents made my lunch until high school. Up until grade 6 I went home for lunch Smile In highschool I made my own lunch. I rarely had money, so I never bought it.

For daycare, lunch is provided.


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In elementary school, my mom always made my lunches. In middle school/ high school, I used to make my own lunches and my dad would give me $ for lunches...haha. Got a pretty good savings that way Smile

I make both of my kids lunches for daycare. I also make my own for work. I usually dedicate an hour the night before school and make lunches for the week. It's nice to have them done and ready to go.

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My mom always made my lunch until I was in high school and then I had a car and so I would just come home for lunch.

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At a young age my Dad always made us lunch, then my sister and I did it and then in high school we bought sometimes.

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We always ate lunch at school.