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RQOTD - Thursday

If a house was to go on the market next door to your parent(s) or in-law(s) would you want to move there? Why or why not?

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Next door, no! Near by, yes! I cannot live where my parents live due to my job...there is no university or other academic institution near enough. I live close to my in-laws, about 20 minute drive and its great, easy for when they are helping with the kids. For the kids sake, I would move within walking distance of them...so they are able to spend as much time as possible with at least one set of grandparents. I would like them to be able to walk to their house after school if DH had to work. We are actually talking about moving just because of this.

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No way! We live close enough to them already! Wink My parents are less than 10 minutes away, and my in-laws are about 3 minutes away!

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Close to my parents yes, my MIL, no. I know my parents will focus on taking good care of Evie and will spend time with her and do stuff with her. My MIL has a huge golden retriever that has to be separated from Evie at the moment b/c he is huge, acts like a puppy and barks really loud, which unfortunately freaks Evie out. While my MIL enjoys spending time with Evie, I don't think she really cares to have as close a relationship and would probably resent us if she feels we are imposing on her by having Evie spend too much time with her (and trust me, Evie *loves* spending time with her!).

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We currently live a 1/4 mile from my mom. That is close enough. As far as the in-laws go...I totally love them but could not live that close to them.

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Ha. Well right now my mom is living with us. We're building a house for her on our lot within the next 2 months, the plans are already approved and her septic just got put in. So, YES! Thankfully DH and her totally get along. We've been living together around a year now (we sold our house, then she sold her house, then getting plans approved) with no problems.

But, would I live anywhere near my MIL? NO WAY. Even DH would go crazy. She's a bit nuts.

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HECK NO! In fact, the same city is too close. Ideally we would live close enough to make the drive easily, but far enough away where you can't show up unannounced. The closest AF base to our parents is 2 hours away in Little Rock. We'll only get stationed there if DH doesn't get one of his top 5 dream planes and ends up with a C-130.

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IDK. I kind of like the idea of having them close, but I don't like the idea of having them that close! My family is about half hour away and DH's family is 2 hours away.

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I would live next my parents. I would love it! They are the not the kind of parents that would just drop in, they would be respectful. I've joked that my whole immediate family should live on the same block and I would be in heaven.

Now my in-laws are another story. Neither Jason or I could live that close to them. We've even said a couple of hours is too close b/c they are the type that would just show up on your doorstep unannounced. They are good in small doses only.

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Sure. It would be nice to have the help close by so if the kids were napping and I wanted to run out for something they could stop by easily. Or if I was too lazy to make dinner we could walk a few steps and have a meal, or if I needed a spider/moth killed.....

If anything it sounds like I would be more of a PIA to live by than they would! Wink

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No. I like to visit, but would not want to be closer than an hour or two away. I'll leave it at that. Smile