RQOTD - Thursday

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RQOTD - Thursday

What is your favorite flower and/or plant?

Share a pic if you'd like!

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Gerbera daisies.


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Carnations! I love the smell.

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For cut flowers, I LOVE lillies and lilacs- but I don't really care enough for the plants to have them in my garden.

For planter flowers, I like petunias- because I can kepe them alive! Wink Same with hostas and daylilles for plants.

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I like tulips for cut flowers. Planted flowers, I love plumerias.

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Any kind of Daisy if I'm getting a bouquet.

My dad has worked in the nursery business for 40 years and my yard is a burnt disaster right now. It is downright shameful. But if I were to take the time then I would like to get my Purple Heart (Purple Queen) growing again. It's lovely!

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The kind my husband buys for me. Lol
I don't really care. The man rarely buys me flowers, so I'm always thrilled with whatever.

And I don't attempt to grow flowers either.

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I also love tulips and peonies. Actually, I love pretty much all the spring flowers in the Pacific Northwest. When we lived in Oregon, I used to love springtime: azaleas, rhododendrons, peonies, lilacs...so beautiful.

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Daisies, for the most part.

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used to be roses, then freesias, then orchids. current fave is gerbera daisies.