RQOTD - Thursday

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RQOTD - Thursday

Passwords. Let's talk passwords for a second.

Do you tend to have the same password for most things? If not - how do you keep them all straight?

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Sites I use daily I have no problem remembering. Others, well, let's just say I often have to request a reset password link!

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For personal stuff I tend to use the same password. At work our passwords have to be slightly difficult and we have to change them often...so it is a bit harder to remember but after a couple of times it is stuck in my head.

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I use 3 different passwords at any given time. Every few months I'll reset them all and that's when I go nuts for a week trying to remember which one goes with which. lol.

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I have a few I use and I usually have to try them all out until I figure out which one it is.

At work the passwords have to contain numbers, letters and capitol letters so its a little tricky.

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"Jenn0113" wrote:

I have a few I use and I usually have to try them all out until I figure out which one it is.

Yup! I can't stand when they want you to use a symbol in a password though. Drives me crazy trying to remember what I put.

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I do good with most my passwords, but work is impossible! they will not let you use the last 10 previous passwords. THEN they randomly make you enter your another password, that is different from your log in while you're charting. Since I work so infrequently, I'm always having to call IT to have it reset (which is a challange on it's own)

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I use the same password for everything non-essential. Work is all set to the same password for everything that the staff have to remember. I use a personal password that is different every month...its in my calendar to change it. I use different cards from my wallet and choose a certain number of the numbers from say my drivers' license, my membership cards etc every time.


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I use a few different ones. I am the same way about trying each one until one works.