RQOTD - Thursday

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RQOTD - Thursday

Where is your child(ren)'s absolute favorite place to go? You tell them you're going there and they're ready to go just like that.

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Alison is still little but knows the library. You tell her "we are going to the library" and she is ready!!! She stands by the front door with a book in hand!

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Swimming. If I tell Jordan we are going swimming then she grabs her suit and lays down for me to change her. She never cooperates when I need to change her!

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Isaiah is ready to go if I mention the library, swimming, or Chuck E. Cheese. The girls are just ready to go when I tell them we are leaving. They don't care where, they just want to go out the door. Biggrin

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Monkey Buziness and Jump Street (indoor play areas). They also love Home Depot, because we let them share a bag of Cheetos.

Really, they're pretty easy to get out the door. Most days they don't care where we go as long as we get to go "buh-bye".

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The "Jumpy Place". It's also an indoor play area. Either I take her or her babysitter takes her about once a week.

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Aiden gets excited when I ask him if he wants to go "up" as in up in a baby carrier. Lol

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Barnes and Nobles. And anywhere really. The store. Grandma and Grandpa's. Outside. He loves it out there!

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The park. Gramma and Grampys. Poppy and Granny's boat.