RQOTD - Thursday

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RQOTD - Thursday

What is one of your favorite childhood memories from the holiday time? Whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.

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When I was a child my mom's side of the family got together every Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house. There were 4 of us cousins at that time and we were all fairly close in age (within 3 years of each other). We would play epic games of Monopoly that would last the whole long weekend. One year they let all of us spend the night at my Grandmother's house. We would wait till the adults were in bed and we'd get up and play Monopoly by flashlight. We got caught on the last night. lol.

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In 1989 my Dad in a horrific accident a week before Christmas. We were young and kept out of the loop from what was going on. So we moved in with my Grandparets for a few months, while my Mom stayed at the hospital. We had a lot of family around, because of how dire my Dad's injuries were. They made sure to give us an amazing Christmas. I remember sleeping on the floor of my Grandparents room in a sleeping bag with my cousin. Generally my sisters and I took shifts waiting for Santa, but since they were in different rooms with other family members, my cousin and I did the watch ourself.

Even though neither of us slacked on our watch, through Santa magic the gifts appeared under the tree. Since there were so many people staying there, the entire room was PACKED! There was no walking room in there at all. We stood there in awe. But we must not have been as quiet as we thought, because we heard a voice say, "What are you doing!" and turned around to see a real life alien! We both screamed loud and ran back to our sleeping bags- totally freaked out. The 'alien' was my Aunt, with her hair in roller, covered with a sleep cap and a green face mask on. My family still laughs about it.

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My best Christmas memory would have to be when I was about 7 years old. We had a very cold Christmas that year and a lot of snow. Our power had gone out about 3 days before Christmas. We had a wood stove and my mom would cook soup and chili on the stove and we played games by candlelight. We all (mom, dad, sister, me) slept in the family room where the stove was so we would all be warm. About 2am Christmas morning the Christmas tree lights came on!!! I was certain it was Santa's magic that made the lights come back on!!

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One of my favourite memories of Christmas actually happened on Boxing Day. My Dad's best friend had a wood cabin just north of our town, but in the snow belt. We would go there on Boxing day for a big party, lots of kids, snowmobiles and of course sledding. He lived on top of a huge hill, and they closed the road going past his home in the winter because the hill was too steep for plowing etc. It was the perfect tobogganing hill. You went at least a kilometer downhill, very fast...and then had to walk back up through massive amounts of snow. It wore us all out completely...probably to the parents great joy!


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These are great stories!

Amber, how interesting that something tragic turned into such a wonderful memory for you.

I don't have once specific time that is my favorite memory. It's more of an amalgam of many Thanksgivings and Christmases spent with my extended family. In particular, sitting with my grandpa and eating an entire bag of red pistachios. I remember my fingers being stained when we were done. Or when we had an ice storm at Thanksgiving and my aunts, uncles and cousins barely made it to our house in time. All of my cousins and I went out and walked around the streets, sliding around and freezing. We came in to a hot fire to warm up by. We would go to the movies in one large group or play board games. It was all so much fun and I miss being a care free kid at the get togethers!

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There was a huge snowstorm over New Year's in 1997. My whole family was snowed in for 5 days (our house was completely buried). We knew it would be bad in advance, so we stocked the house and it was SO fun. My brothers (who were adults, they're 8 and 11 years older than me) built a huge snow cave from the snow that compacted after sliding off my parents' metal roof. It was so big inside that we all slept in it one night...until it started melting on us and getting us wet!