RQOTD - Thursday

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RQOTD - Thursday

What is your favorite Christmas song? Or favorite song for this time of year? Is there a movie you always watch around holiday time?

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Ugh, I just responded to this and my post disappeared. I hate retyping everything out.

I don't have a favorite song or movie. I listen to Christmas from Thanksgiving to New Year's. I really like some of the oldies by Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, etc. I also like the modern versions like what you find on "A Very Special Christmas" cd's. Josh Groban and Mercy Me have great Christmas albums too.

As far as Christmas movies, I have a list of them I try to watch every year.
Christmas Vacation
While You Were Sleeping
The Holiday
Love Actually
A Christmas Story
Christmas with the Kranks (haven't watched this one yet)

I love Christmas movies! Sometimes I like to just have them on in the background while I'm doing things around the house.

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My current favorite song is "Baby It's Cold Outside" but the version that Nick LaChey (sp?) and Jessica Simpson did.

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I love listening to Christmas music. I enjoy all of it. If I had to pick a favorite song, this year I enjoyed listening to Josh Groban's O Holy Night. Every Christmas, DH and I try to watch Christmas Vacation & Elf. Love those movies!