RQOTD - Thursday

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RQOTD - Thursday

Do you collect anything? If so, what? How about your dh? And your children?

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Nope. None of us do.

When I was younger I went through phases of collecting things. I had a pretty impressive rock collection for a while, then I had a thing for lighthouses. But now I'm so anti-clutter that I don't collect anything.

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We collect shot glasses from everywhere we've lived and everywhere we visit. We chose shot glasses since they're cheap and small making them easily portable.
We don't collect anything else (though DH would try to argue that I collect carriers lol).

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No, we don't collect anything. I used to collect Disney snowglobes. However, we only have so much display space and I refuse to buy anyting to display more. So, I do not buy them or ask for them as gifts anymore. Plus, I have kind of decided I am too mature for them. Lol Isaiah collects Legos. HA! He also has a rock collection that my dad started with him. We cannot do any looking for rocks right now. It is too cold and is extremely soggy outside because our weather cannot decide if it is spring or winter. Crazy!

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No, none of us do really. I do tend to buy more and more lipstick though. HA!