RQOTD - Thursday

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RQOTD - Thursday

What is the price of gas in your neck of the woods right now? How much does it cost you to fill up? When is the last time you cleaned your car? Do you normally do it? Your dh?

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One of the perks of living right where DH works is gas! We haven't filled up our cars in two weeks and can probably go at least another week or more. No idea what gas prices are, but I'm sure they're higher than they were. Boo.

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We are at $3.99 right now. It was up to $4.19, but only for one day. I am not sure what that was about. I have a feeling it will head back there soon. I pay about $55-60 per week with current gas prices. My Toyota dealer washes the outside of my car when I take it in for oil changes, and will do it anytime I want, but I never really do that. I probably should. It is free! Biggrin

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We are paying 1.24/L right now - that's 4.69 per gallon. It costs me about $70 to fill up my Maxima. DH usually washes the car. I clean it out once a week in terms of kid crap that accumulates. It gets a complete inside and out detailing about twice a year...once in the spring and once in the fall. DH and I do that.

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The last I saw (couple days ago) it was $3.61. Dh works just 3 miles from home, and I don't drive too much, so we don't fill up often. It's usually around $30 to fill up. And umm...the rain usually cleans my car? Lol Occasionally dh will, but we live on a gravel road so we just let it get dirty.

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I just passed a gas station on my way in and it was $4.09 for regular. Good grief. When I got my driver's license gas wasn't even a dollar a gallon.

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I think gas here is around 3.60. I've been using reward points from my grocery store to fill up, which is around a dollar off, so it's been costing around 35$ to fill up my highlander. Without that it's around 55$. I don't fill up too often, every 2 weeks or so. DH's car gets 40 miles to the gallon, and he only uses it twice a week to drive to the airport, then home again. So he rarely fills up the car.

As far as washing, I wash my car fairly often. When it's snowing, I do it as soon as the roads are dry. In warmer weather, when it looks dirty. I try to vacumm it once a month or so, but that depends on Andrew. He freaks out of the vacumm, so he has to be napping well for me to get outside and do it. I try to take things out of the car as we leave it. I'm not fantastic at that though, so the toys have cluttered it up a bit.

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Somehow I missed the 2nd part of your question. The cars have only been washed because it's rained recently. (That counts, right?) As far as the inside goes, there's still a mound of sand in there from our beach trip in October. Lol