RQOTD - Thursday

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RQOTD - Thursday

When was the last time you hosted people at your home? Who was it? What was the occasion?

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We had 3 people over for dinner 3 weeks ago. One couple and one single guy. The guys are in DH's class and we knew them from our brief stay in Wichita Falls, TX. It was the first night we were all free. The guys talked planes. :roll: But everyone really enjoyed my grilled pork tenderloin over sweet potato hash and side salad.

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We had about 25 people at our house on Saturday for Alison's birthday party...family, friends, dogs and babies! Fun times!!!!

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Every couple of months my parents stay with us for the weekend. The last time we had a big group of people was at New Year's when we did our Christmas get together. We had all of my family plus my fourth sister (a great family friend) and her husband over for dinner. We will be having another get together at the end of the month to finally celebrate Jordan's birthday.

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I had some Zumba friends over at the end of March to practice some routines before a big Zumbathon. Other than that, I had my parents visit in late December. We are getting ready for Isaiah's First Communion, so we have to clean, clean, clean this weekend. It is on 4/22 and we have a lot of family coming to visit. I hate preparing for events like this. It is definitely not my strength. Biggrin

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I totally forgot to add that my parents usually come over on Saturdays for dinner. Nothing fancy and I could even be in my pajamas if I wanted!! HA!