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    Question RQOTD - Thursday

    What sorts of projects are you working on around your home right now?

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    I forget.


    Unpacking. Yes, still. lol.
    The guest room is still unusable and that needs to get in order ASAP since my FIL is visiting soon and my sister will be here next month.

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    My project list is never ending! This is what I want to get done before July

    -Find someone to come extend our patio (This has been a serious PIA- Does no one want to work anymore? We get people saying they want to do it, then no one will come and talk details. ugh! I have a guy coming tomorrow, hopefully he is affordable and can get us scheduled.)
    -Redo Ava's room into her "Big girl room" I told her we would do this when she can stay dry through the night. She has been doing it, so we've started buying some stuff. I got paint samples, new bedding and some decorations as well. We're going for understated princess. I want her to have a room she loves, but I don't want it to look like Disney exploded in there.
    -Paint the outside of our house- I bought paint samples for this yesterday too. I wasn't going to buy samples, but the paint store I went to was a bit fancy with lots of breakables in there. The kids were wild. WILD! They didn't break anything but they really misbehaved, so I bought the samples because I felt like I owed the store something. I don't know what got into the kids, they never do that. Little stinkers! I might throw some of the paint up today to see how I like it. thankfully it's just the trim and door that needs painted.
    - Plant our annuals- This is my Mothers Day gift, so we'll do that on Sunday, as long as it does not rain.
    -Refinish our hardwood floors- This will be done when we go out of town for a wedding at the end of June.

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