RQOTD - Thursday

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RQOTD - Thursday

Who does your lawn maintenance? DH? You? Both? A company?

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Both of us. Probably a little more me than him, just since he is never around.

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Since we are in a townhouse right now, the grounds are maintained by a company but our little backyard is not. There is not any grass back there so don't have to worry about mowing. But I do have my raised garden beds that I take care of.

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Craig does all of our yard maintenance. I cannot be trusted with a lawnmower. I am a total klutz! Maybe if it was a riding mower...

I do try to take care of all of the flowers around our house. I am hoping to go get some flowers to plant soon. I think we may have finally moved past freezing overnights. I am pretty simple with flowers. I really want to try a rose bush, but I am afraid I will kill it. I have a black thumb. Smile

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DH does it all. He won't even let me pluck weeds right now! And I've offered a few times!

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Dh mows and does all the cleaning up (we have tons of trees so it seems we're always needing to clean up branches). I pick all of the weeds and care for the flowers.

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