RQOTD - Thursday

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RQOTD - Thursday

Where do you keep all the toys in your house? Does your LO(s) like to help clean up every day? What is your routine for this? Before nap and bed? Before leaving that particular room? How often do you sift through things and get rid of them? Do you donate them? Try to sell? Keeping them for another LO? Wink

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Everywhere! We used to have a playroom, but now that's Miles' room (and what used to be Miles' room is Vivian's room). We've got lots of toys in Miles' room, the bigger toys are downstairs (train table, slide, train tracks), and some toys in Vivi's closet for her in a couple months. Then of course we have some in the livingroom (basket full of mouthables for V, exersaucer, wooden blocks of M's), some in the garage, and yeah...we've got toys everywhere. I do pack up toys that M is done playing with...they're in huge boxes in the storage room for V to play with someday. I haven't been able to get rid of any yet...Miles goes into hysterics and notices everything. So that needs to happen someday when he's not home.

We clean up the toys in Miles' room before bed at night, we sing the clean up song usually. We don't really have to pick up the ones downstairs since it's mostly trains puffing along tracks. Biggrin

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I keep meaning to blog about Aiden's play space. Maybe once I finish. I have labels for everything, I just haven't put them up yet. His space is in our dining area.

I *just* took this picture. The play hut stuff usually isn't up (we use it outside normally), but we were dealing with the tropical storm/depression thing yesterday and it kept him active.

I am picky about what we keep. It either has to be a regularly played with favorite or has long lasting potential (like blocks). He only has 3 battery toys - the table, kitchen, and an annoying musical turtle. I keep taking things I don't want here to my parents house so that I don't have to bring toys there in the future. lol. Aiden "helps" (he gets distracted easily) clean before his nap and again before bed. I've noticed keeping things organized has led to longer self play and he's less likely to drag everything out.
We do have a bin of books, stuffed animals, and a couple of string and drag toys in the living room. In his bedroom we keep most of his stuffed animals, yet more books, and a few things that he rarely touches that will probably end up at my parents house when we go back next month. lol
Any toys Aiden has outgrown that he loved and that didn't annoy me we've kept for the next baby.

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My kiddos really don't have too many toys. They'd rather play sports, run around or read. They both are great at using their imaginations as well. Most toys are largely ignored. I'm able to sort and donate them fairly often. The nicer toys they've outgrown are passed on to a family or friend who wants them. The little stuff is donated. I actually have 2 big bags of stuffed animals I need to drop off.

Both kids have those 9 cube storage bins in their rooms. They are about half and half of toys and books. We also have some stuff in baskets in the basement with their train table.

I make the kids help clean up. We clean their rooms probably 3 times a day. My new system is to set a timer and have them clean the upstairs and their room. We probably do this 3 times a day or so. Anything not picked is either tossed out or saved to be earned back later. Since Ava had her room redone, both kids have been doing a fantastic job of keeping things picked up.

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Oh gosh, we need to get on this. We have a main floor playroom. Its a disaster. I usually sort through it and put everything away on the weekend...in between its "DH" tidied...ie everything gets put on a shelf...but not necessarily where it belongs. Like you can have a cow from the farm sitting with blocks and part of the fire house. Sigh. We have a basket in the living room for odds and ends that end up there...I take that to the toy room when I do the sort on the weekends. As for getting rid of stuff, we usually do that 3 times a year...we will go through and donate the majority of toys that they don't play with. Anything we are unsure of goes in the basement for a week...if they don't ask for it, it goes. They don't have toys in their rooms, aside from a couple of favourite stuffies for sleeping with...they wouldn't sleep if they had the option of playing. Eventually I would like to see Alicia's dollhouse go upstairs and DJ's train table, but so far its not happening.