RQOTD - Thursday

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RQOTD - Thursday

This week I've already received two Halloween catalogs in the mail. Have you?

Has(ve) your LO('s) already expressed what they'd like to be this year? For teeny ones - do you have ideas of what they might be?

Share a picture, too, if you'd like!

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No, I don't get Hallowe'en catalogs as a general rule. We have a ton of costumes (they love dress up), so what they want to be changes on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. I'm not worrying about it yet.


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Oh good grief. I saw Christmas decorations going up in Hobby Lobby while I was home and it was still June!!!
We don't get any catalogues. We move too much. Lol
No idea what Aiden will be at all, but it'll be his first year of trick or treating!

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My Hobby Lobby has Christmas stuff up all year long, Jackie. So weird.

I have no idea what the kids will be for Halloween this year. I'm sure Ava will want to be a princess, and Andrew will want to be whatever Ava askes him to . I hope I get a catalog soon. Then they can just look through it an pick.

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I got a Christmas Catalog in the mail on Monday! I am not ready for either holiday actually. Gotta make it through the Summer first!

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I've been asking Jake for a few months now what he wants to be and it changes daily Smile

I'm hoping he does decide as I'd like to decide if I am going to make his costume or start shopping for deals.... I'm not going to decide on T's costume until J decides on his