RQOTD - Thursday

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RQOTD - Thursday

What's the messiest room in your home?

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Our master bedroom. We keep the door closed at all times (with one of those "child proof" knob covers lol) to keep DS out, so everything we're trying to quickly get out of the way from Aiden gets thrown in there. Which means it's junky and it never gets picked up enough. I figure if one room has to go, it's the best one since no one but DH and I ever see it.

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The craft room/office. It needs some attention in a bad way. The rest of the house gets little messes here and there, but for the most part it's guest ready at any given moment.

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Our living room and the office/play room are the worst right now. We still have boxes and bags in the livingroom that have yet to be unpacked. It's also where Jordan plays most of the time so that doesn't help. Plus, I usually fold laundry on the couch and I've got a pile waiting for me now, as always. The office has a computer set up on the floor at the moment and toys everywhere. We have no furniture or storage in there yet.

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The master bedroom. Like Jackie, its where we toss stuff to get it out of the way. It is also the largest room upstairs, so it has all our renovation stuff and tools not currently in use in boxes on the floor. Also, being mid-renovation, we rarely have time to clean too, so what is "needing to be sorted" gets tossed in the master bedroom. Yikes. Anyhow, our house is rarely guest ready, as we often have toys all over the main living area, but other than that, its pretty good. Having foster kids has forced us to be tidier as we often have social workers popping in at a moments notice.


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My guest room. This is where I have the toys that are too big for the toy box and that are too much to leave out in the family room... I'm not sure what to do with them!!

Our garage has also gotten kind of messy....we have a lot of baby stuff we want to sell and until then, it is taking up space in our garage.

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Alison's room. As soon as I clean it up...she has everything torn apart again! Books, toys, blocks...the little people to her play house. Something I will alway step on! HAHA!

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I have to choose one? Wink Right now I'd say whichever room I just finished cleaning and Matthew has entered to destroy. In all seriousness - the room where our computer is. Everything from paperwork, shipping supplies, gifts purchased but not given yet, wrapping paper, dresser with off season clothes. Lots going on in that room but I don't have enough storage space to put things elsewhere.

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Our guest room is probably the messiest. Our master bedroom is the second. The guest bedroom as a bunch of toys in it. Our master bedroom just takes on all of the kids' stuff, our laundry baskets, and I tend to leave my clothes out instead of hanging them up sometimes. Plus, our cats love to sleep in there. I have to vacuum frequently.