RQOTD - Thursday

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RQOTD - Thursday

Besides your child(ren), what else is keeping you very busy lately? What is going on with whatever that is?

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Stupid military. Blum 3 lol. Tomorrow we'll find out orders of where we're moving to next.....supposedly. Also have been busy this week getting back to going to playgroups after 2 weeks off due to sickness. Yesterday was LLL, tomorrow is a play date with 8 other mamas, Monday is a cloth diaper swap meeting, and I know there's more next week only that's too far away for me to remember.

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It seems like just daily life makes life busy. I had a hair appt. yesterday evening, and it was for a perm (because my naturally curly hair is really more of a frizz bomb than curl), so it took almost 3 hours. Then, last night, I was a presenter for a class of undergraduate students majoring in special education, which was from 7-8:30. We have nothing on the agenda for today and Friday. I start teaching Zumba again on Saturday after 5 weeks off for plantar fascitits. I teach Zumba twice a week. So, our lives will start getting hectic again. That time off was kind of nice. Smile

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I don't have much busyness going on besides taking care of the kids and daily life. I am trying to go through our house, I feel like we have sooooo much that we don't use so I'm trying to get rid of what we can.

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Renovating! AGAIN!!!! Planning my sister's baby shower and now another one for my BFF who just adopted.