RQOTD - Tuesday 6/12

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RQOTD - Tuesday 6/12

Does your LO(s) have a play kitchen?
If so, what play kitchen do you have? What accessories are played with the most? Those with boys, get any comments about gender and kitchens?
If not, does their daycare or other place of play outside of the house have one? Do they play with them at those places?

(DS's BB is having a big discussion on play kitchens, hence my QOTD. lol)

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Aiden doesn't have a play kitchen, but I'm wanting to get one for him sometime in the late summer/early fall. It'll be his birthday present, but with the new baby coming, I'd like to get it for him early. He wouldn't notice that he's not getting anything from us on his actual birthday anyways. Wink A lot of ladies on DS's BB have made their own, but we don't own any tools beyond hammer and screw drivers really so I don't think I'll be making our own.

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Yes we have a play kitchen with a ton of play dishes and play food. I picked it up at a garage sale. They play with it sporatically. Usually when I'm cooking something they cannot help with...they will make me tea and cookies. We rotate our large plastic toys, so right now the tool bench is up and the kitchen is in storage. There are a bunch of pinterest made out of old entertainment centers that wouldn't take too many tools...mostly paint! I think that most acclaimed chefs are men so DH shouldn't worry if Aiden likes cooking. Besides, if he goes to college or university, or lives on his own, basic cooking skills are a must. What's wrong with playing with kitchen stuff?


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We do not have one of our own. But the gym kids club (which they go to daily) does. They do play with it a lot. At home we have pans, and bowls and some playfood. The get creative maing ovens out of drawers and plates and food out of othe toys. I would like to have a a play kitchen for them, but our house is small so I have to be choosey about the large toys we get. Since the gym has one, I decided to get a train table instead.

Both my kids play with kitchen stuff equally. I would hope in this day and age no one would say anything about a boy having a play kitchen. Cooking and pretend is gender neutral. It's not the 50's anymore.

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No, we do not have a play kitchen. I have been thinking of possibly getting that for the kids' birthday (a together gift since their birthdays are close), but I'm not sure yet!

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I have to say I'm really surprised by all the comments I've gotten when I mentioned to my family that I am getting Adien a play kitchen! DH says as long as it's not pink it's okay (which is easy to do). We can't have a very large one and have it fit in Aiden's play space, but I think I small "efficiency" one would work well. He is constantly stealing my small mixing bowls and such and pretending to stir and feed himself, so I think it would get some good use.

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We don't have a play kitchen, but the boys do have a Little Tikes playhouse in the backyard, a bbq grill, and they have a grocery cart with some food. We don't have kitchen accessories, but they are great at finding other toys or items to use as alternatives. J loves to help me cook or bake in the kitchen. Whenever possible, I try to include him in the prep work.

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Oh yes, we have a play kitchen. Alison loves it. It makes sizzling sounds and whatnot, so she is always making something to eat. It is very cute!

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We don't have one. Considered it for last Christmas but went with other things. Maybe this Christmas!? As far as gender - who cares what people think. My friend that has 3 boys has one and they all love it.