RQOTD - Tuesday

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RQOTD - Tuesday

Do you have grocery delivery service in your area? Have you ever used it?

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I don't know if we do or not - so obviously I have never used it. That would be great though.

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We do, but I have never used it. It seems to be you'd have to be an orginized meal planner to use that service- I don't know what I need until I'm walking up and down the asiles. Blum 3

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I'm pretty sure that Del Rio does not have one. We have one grocery store and Walmart. That's it. Lol

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Grocery Gateway delivers...but I've never used them. I shop sales like a crazy person (and meal plan) so it wouldn't work for me. I do know several busy Mom's who swear by it though!


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We have it and I've wanted to try it, but grocery shopping is something I always feel is done best in person. I like to pick out my own produce and I always price compare, shop for sales, or find items that I forgot to put on my list.... I still haven't done a full grocery trip with both boys. I make DH stop on his way home Smile If he wasn't able to stop, I probably would have days where I would use the delivery service!

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I hate grocery shopping so it would be great to have someone do it for me. I've never looked into it though so I really don't know if we have anything like that around here.

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I have used an organic groceries delivery service when Evie was just born. We used it for about a year. I thought it was awesome until the produce quality started going down, then we stopped, plus by then we weren't so much in need of a delivery service anymore.

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We don't have grocery delivery service! If so, I might have to use it for the random I need peanut m&m's or something moment. :bigwink: