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RQOTD - Tuesday

How many traffic tickets have you had? What were they for?

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Just one. Ten years ago. Speeding (70 in a 60 mph zone). The funny thing is, at the time I had two cars. A beat up old truck and my Mustang GT. And I didn't even get the ticket in the Mustang...I got the ticket driving my old truck. I didn't even know the darn thing could go 70! HA! I went to court though and since it was my first offense the judge dropped it down to $35 from $175!!

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I've had 1. When I was 16 for careless or maybe reckless driving (whichever is the lesser one). I rear-ended someone one at a light. He stopped super fast at a yellow light I wasn't even going to stop at, and I hit him. My insurance company totaled out his car. It was a super old hatch back, so rear endind it messed up the frame. They only gave him 300 dollars for his car. To make me feel better, the insurance guy who was on the scene told me all I did was shake the rust loose from his car.

My iunsurance guy also told me I didn't have to call the police, since no one was hurt and both cars were still drivable. But the guy said his neck hurt, so I called the police myself because it felt like the right thing to do. I probably could have plead not guilty and worked with the DA to drop it to driving a defective vehicle. Even the judge encouraged me to do so, but I did hit the guy, and that would have involved staying at the court house longer and I had a party to get to. So I paid my fine and went on my way.

I have been pulled over several times since, but thankfully, I've always been in scrubs going to and from work- so I've been let off (knock on wood). I have not had a ticket since.

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None! I've never been pulled over.

(now where's some wood to knock on?! lol)

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3 - all for speeding. One even had a "cracked windshield" violation but I fought that because it was dumb. I guess I just love defensive driving.

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I have been pulled over and in one accident, but no tickets. I also need to knock on wood. I do my best to keep my speed within acceptable limits though. I don't drive slow, but I try not to be excessively fast. Since I commute for work, I feel like I need to be careful.

The accident was not my fault. I am pretty sure the person that hit me got a "failure to yield at a red light" ticket.

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I got a ticket when I was 18 and driving back to college. My friend was in the car and we were passing some cute guys. Wink A trooper coming from the other way crossed the median like a bat out of hell to pull me over. Thankfully, that's then one and only so far. I am pretty careful about my speed these days.

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I had a speeding ticket the day my father got married which about 12 years ago. (Do you think I was nervous??? Wink )

I also got another speeding ticket within the past two years. I was in an unfamiliar (I know that doesn't make it right Wink ) area and the limit went from 45 to 30 and I realized after crossing over. OF COURSE there was a cop right there. But I got out of that one!

I was also in a very bad accident. No tickets. I was turning left the other person was speeding. Fast.

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I got a ticket in college for rolling through a stop sign, but the judge was rumored to let students off if they had good grades so I brought my report card in and got it dropped. Smile I also got speeding ticket when I was moving to Minneapolis right out of college for a job. Of course my mom was in the car...she'll never let me forget it.

Since then I haven't had one...DH gets one every other year or so and it drives him crazy that I don't because he thinks he's a much better driver than me. :eyeroll:

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one ever. for going around a barrier on a bike route. I know, I was terrible back then.