RQOTD - Tuesday

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RQOTD - Tuesday

I don't want to send anyone away but...

When was the last time you "unplugged" for 24 hours?

No computer, no ipad, no texting, no facebook, twitter, tv...anything...

Do you remember?

What did you do with the time you would've normally spent on these things?

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A whole 24 hours without technology?! Yeah, I have no idea. 15 years? lol.

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It has probably been about eight years? I went camping in Arkasas at Devil's Den. We cooked out, hiked, played cards and sat by the campfire. I'm not that big on camping but I would go there again. It was beautiful.

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Labour day weekend, when we went camping. Yes, we had our cell phones for emergencies, but they were in the car.


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Um....when we went to Lake Powell last year. We had cell phones, but the service was terrible and they were used for 2 minutes a day to check in with the kiddos at home.

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This summer camping at Tahoe.

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I am not sure! It has probably been a few years. My phone is my problem. I need to put it down some nights and refuse to go get it. I check everything on that thing. It is an issue. My DH does it too. He plays games while we watch TV, etc.

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I have no idea but it certainly has been a long time!

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Last week when we had a blackout. The power was out for 12 hours, but it happened after I got off work, which is normally when I use the technology. I was dying to watch tv, go on the internet and call/text people!!! LOL.