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RQOTD - Tuesday

What is one thing (whether food item/cleaning product etc) that you have to buy a certain brand of? What is it/which brand do you use?

Is there anything that you shop for that you purchase the generic brand of? What?

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Ketchup...my DH is a fanatic about his ketchup and it must be Heinz. No other brand will do. And we always must by Best Foods Mayo (I think it is Hellmans on the East Coast).

As far as generic. Diapers. They do just as good a the name brands.

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The only reason I'm picky about some brands is just because of high fructose corn syrup and other icky things in products. That and often times here there's just one brand of a certain product type, so I don't have a choice. I do always buy Challenge butter because they have coupons in their packages making them cheaper than everyone else here.
At this location I always buy the Walmart brand of whole wheat pasta because it's at least 20 cents cheaper a box. lol. I rarely buy them, but when I do I buy parent's choice baby wipes. A package lasts us at least a couple of months though. lol.

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Hmmm.....I'm not too brand loyal. If something taste better or taste the same and is a good deal I'm willing to switch. We do buy the same brand of milk, the Whole Foods 365 Organic. I think that's the only thing we are consistant with. But that's because it's a higher quality milk for a lower price and they are kind to their cows. If I found out they started mistreating their cows, or the quality went down, I'd switch.

Oh wait! We do buy coke and only coke for cola products- but I never drink it. Tha's DH's brand loyality.

As far as generic, we buy a lot of Kirkland products. I'm fairly convinced there is not much Kirkland gets wrong. They do a better job with quality and taste that a lot of name brand products. Go Kirkland! Smile

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I typically shop based on price, not brand... but a few things that I buy include any cereal (generic just doesn't cut it!) and bottled water (I have a preference for Arrowhead). Generic brands I frequently use include Kirkland's and Market Fresh (?) from Target.

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Hmmm....Heniz ketchup, Pampers diapers. I buy a lot of compliments products (Walmart), I find most of their stuff is pretty good.


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Let's see:

We will only buy Kashi Cereal bars, name brand cereal (generic doesn't really do it for me, but hubby will eat generic), ketchup (Heinz Natural or Organic), Yo Baby yogurt for the girls, Brownberrry 100% whole wheat bread, Dole fruit (if we purchase canned) and cottage cheese (only a few brands will do). Also, Pamper Soft or Target brand wipes. They are the only brands that I feel gets my girls clean. No other generic or name brand wipe does it for me. They rip really easily. We also only buy Luvs (at least right now, we are getting ready to move to pull up type diapers soon).

We will try a generic in almost anything else.

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I will only buy Kraft macaroni & cheese. Other than that, I'll usually buy generic of pretty much anything. I really like Target brand things, except their diapers I didn't care for as Miles got older (but I liked them when he was little). I like their Markey Pantry brand for food, too.

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Ragu spaghetti sauce and Pampers diapers and Kirkland wipes - other than that I don't think I am loyal to many brands. I prefer to shop price over brand and most of the time the store brand is cheaper.

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"Jenn0113" wrote:

Ragu spaghetti sauce and Pampers diapers and Kirkland wipes - other than that I don't think I am loyal to many brands. I prefer to shop price over brand and most of the time the store brand is cheaper.

yep, us too. Loyal to Pampers (since we went off CDs) and can't use anything else after trying Kirkland wipes. Otherwise, not really loyal to much else, except organic Smile

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