RQOTD - Tuesday

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RQOTD - Tuesday

When you wrap gifts where do you tend to wrap them? A specific place in your house? The table? Floor? Where do you hide them if you are trying to hide them from your child(ren) or dh?

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This year I wrapped up in my room on the floor. I was able to hide them all in my closet this year, but next year I will have to be creative!! The boys were close to discovering the present stash this year. I don't want to chance that happening next year!

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I didn't wrap this year until we were in WA because I didn't want the TSA to unwrap them. I hid them in the guest room closet and in the attic. Usually I wrap on the living room floor.

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I wrap on our coffee table. This year we stored the gifts a armoire that we're selling, in the garage. Next year, we'll probably put them in the attic.

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I wrap on the floor in the living room since it's usually the biggest space wherever we're living.
I need to come up with a better hiding place. This year with moving we just threw them in a box which Aiden kept opening an peaking inside.

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I wrap on the living room floor. I have the most room there. As far as hiding gifts, I don't have to do that often but if I do then it's usually in my closet.