RQOTD - Tuesday

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RQOTD - Tuesday

What food scares you? What food scares your child(ren)?

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Me - I don't eat seafood, but that doesn't really scare me..... I guess I could say meatloaf... I've never had an interest in it and I really have no clue what is in it ....lol.
J - anything mixed together, anything with vegetables, and most things that are not chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese Wink
T will eat almost anything Smile

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Food doesn't really scare me, but there are things I won't eat. I don't do sushi, won't eat bugs/worms etc and will not eat poultry legs. So far, Alicia doesn't like avacado. I can't think of anything DJ won't eat.


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Cali- Meatloaf is yummy! But I've only had it made with ground turkey instead of ground beef. Really, it's just like a big baked hamburger. Nothing strange in there.

I'm not a fan of sushi. Well- I have never tried it and hae no desire to do so. Same with other exotic foods. I would starve if I was in another country. I'm not too open to trying most things....wonder where the kids get it from. :Whistle:

The kids, of course, everything scares them. Andrew is braver than Ava- and even me! But he's getting into his 2 yr old picky stage. Most says he's willing to try new foods, so I don't push him to eat, like I have to with Ava.

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Octopus. Tried it once and it was not good and I won't get near it again!!! I'm not a fan of mushrooms, but that's all due to texture.

This past weekend we learned Aiden doesn't like roasted potatoes. He didn't even want to touch them. :roll: He doesn't like most vegetables, but with enough cheese will at least try them.

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I'll admit that some sushi scares me but I've eaten some raw sushi that was very good. I have avoided any raw fish since being pregnant or nursing with Jordan. I'm not sure if they say it's ok for nursing mothers but I was always terrified of getting food poisoning and being too sick to nurse. I'm sure I will eat some again someday but until then, I stick with the cooked variety.

Jordan is suspect of anything we come at her with unless she is very familiar with it and knows she likes it. I will try to let her have a taste of something off my spoon and you should see the way she backs up and stares at it. About 75% of the time she will push it back toward me and say "mommy eat". Or, I will try putting something on her tray and she will insist that I take it back. She won't even let it be anywhere near her.

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I won't eat most mushrooms or olives. Otherwise, I'm a pretty adventurous eater...I've tried some weird stuff when traveling.

Daphne will try anything once. She doesn't really like fruit (except apples and melon) though. I think it's mostly a texture thing. Anything that she perceives as slimy (unfrozen yogurt, pudding, mashed potatoes), she doesn't really like.

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I don't like most fish. I don't know that I can say that I am scared of the food. I am more scared of food poisoning. I will eat shellfish though. Go figure.

Isaiah - He is becoming more adventurous. He does not like vegetables, even though he loved them as a baby.

Keira - This girls has not met a food that she doesn't like. Yay for that!

Sarafina - What isn't she scared of? She will not eat oatmeal or anything resembling oatmeal. She hates anything really sweet, especially cake frosting. She will not touch sweet potatoes or maple syrup. Forget attempting anything new. She freaks out if you try to give her a new food.

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Sarafina is a girl after my own heart. I refused to touch oatmeal or eat anything that involved maple syrup when I was little too. It wasn't until the last few years I've been able to eat them. Prior to that, they grossed me out to no end.

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"Lavender444" wrote:

Sarafina is a girl after my own heart. I refused to touch oatmeal or eat anything that involved maple syrup when I was little too. It wasn't until the last few years I've been able to eat them. Prior to that, they grossed me out to no end.

Biggrin Honestly, as long as she eats other things like fruits and such, I am not too worried about it. I am kind of glad that she will not eat syrup. K loves syrup. Isaiah does not really care if he has it or not, but does like it.

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I will pretty much try anything at least once. However...there is just something about saurkraut. Keep it away from me. DH loves it and when he wants some, I make him take it out to the BBQ and cook it outside. HAHA! As far as Alison, she will pretty much try anything. Nothing seems to particularly scare her.